Kahr CW45 Review

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Kahr CW45

The Kahr CW45 is the answer to all the Kahr fans who demand exceptional reliability with the power of the 45 ACP.

With the CW series, Kahr has decided to offer the same patented features such as the trademark trigger cocking DAO, lock breech, "Browning Type" recoil lug, passive striker block without magazine disconnect. Kahr achieved all this by ingeniously reducing production costs. This included switching polygonal riffling for the barrels with conventional rifling, reducing machining operations on the slide exterior - resulting in simple roll markings and pinned front sights - a metal-injection-molded slide stop, and shipping the pistol with a single magazine.

Though all of this has slightly increased the net weight by 2.4 ounces and the length of 0.65 inches, it brings the ruggedness, durability, and long battery sessions of the PM to shooters at a significantly reduced cost.

The CW45 like its PM45 counterpart retains the Kahr legacy of having complete utilitarian no-nonsense design features.

At first glance, the CW45 is a single stack .45 pistol with a polymer frame and stainless steel slide housing a conventionally rifled steel barrel - an economical version of a PM45. What adds to this persona is that is has most of the features of PM45 like being a hammerless, striker fired, locked-breach semi-auto that relies on a short recoil operating system and a "Browning Type" recoil lug - and a firing mechanism that utilizes passive striker block and no magazine disconnects to chambers a round before the conventional rifling barrel.

Given its price, almost half that of PM45, shooters may feel being left out making the CW seem like downsizing on efforts for a value series. But, the CW stores ample innovation to make it look as if the team of engineers were rivaling the PM series on short budget.

CW45 also comes with an offset recoil lug and a trigger bar attachment. These bring the barrel axis to a lower profile and hence reduce the recoil experienced during shooting while at the same time allow quicker second shots.

To begin with, Kahrs innovative reinforced polymer frame in CW45 features the patented steel inserts. These are molded into the frame at specific regions and serve the dual purpose of reducing wear as well as managing recoil.

The trigger system has a fully enclosed trigger draw bar and allows smooth and consistent trigger pulls and hence rapid firing at moment's notice. With a moderately weighted long and smooth trigger, the PM45 breaks crisply. The reset is subtle with no noticeable stacking - reminiscent of early HK LEM triggers. As a result, rapid second shots are as accurate as the first.

Furthermore, the grip houses a stainless steel magazine with a polymer base-plate - exactly as the ones used in Kahr P series and hence interchangeable.

The CW45 system provides a "safe-cam-action" coupled with an unbelievably smooth DAO trigger stroke. The result is a guaranteed swift un-holstering and accurate rapid fire in critical defensive situations. You can always enjoy rapid fire for extended durations at the range too!

Though it may seem that that CW45's rails are entirely made from polymer and hence less durable, this is not true. Only the padding at the slide's end is made of polymer while the rails are completely made of metal.

Model: CW45
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 6.32"
Overall Height: 4.80"
Overall Width: 1.01"
Barrel Length: 3.64"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 19.70 oz.