Ruger SR45 Review

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Ruger SR45

The Ruger SR45 has revolutionized personal defense in terms of design, weight, ease of use and reliability.

The SR45 is a polymer-framed, fully sized, recoil operated, semi automatic pistol, which is designed to be lighter and slimmer for lawful concealed carry, the grip is extremely thin despite of the 10 rounds of 45 ACP cartridges. The grip also has a rubberized insert, both removable and reversible. The frame has a dust cover features a rail to mount lights or lasers and the magazine release is ambidextrous as is the thumb safety.

The Ruger SR45 is eight inches in length and approximately 6 inches in height. In comparison to the SR40, the SR45 is slightly heavier. The chamber supports 45 ACP cartridges, and barrel length is few centimeters more. The SR45 hold 10 rounds compared to the 15 by the SR40.

Functioning of the SR45 has been remarkable with a variety of ammunition. Every form of cartridge disbursed was flawless. Loading the magazine is a bit difficult, but that issue is resolved with the magazine loader provided by the manufacturers. The accuracy experienced has been stellar with most of the ammunitions used; the heavier bullets provided a better grouping, which could be attributed to the smooth trigger pull making it easier to hold a target.

The trigger definitely proved to be good, but not exactly what you would expect in a striker fired pistol. It is smooth and practically grit free in operation. The trigger gauge is at six pounds eight ounces, but with a short travel distance and crisp break. The trigger in the SR45 starts at the break point, which means that once the short stroke begins the gun will definitely go off. These trigger design compliments trigger accuracy. The pistol has an array of safety features that do not hinder the shooter, making it a good defensive firearm. The trigger block remains steady until the trigger safety is depressed, preventing accidental discharge, and the chamber indicators show the state of readiness of the SR45. The trigger pull is consistent and smooth, providing you with utmost satisfaction in the most important area of use of the gun.

The Ruger SR45's reliability and accuracy proves to be an asset while the efficient sights and combat trigger pull combine well with the superior ergonomics. Some pistols are a real hassle to clean but the SR45 was the complete opposite.

Sights haven't been modified much and are quite similar to the previous models and are made of steel like all the best sights are. The front is dovetailed with a big white dot. The rear is also dovetailed, but can be adjusted for windage and elevation. Ruger could have included an additional round or two without adding to the girth, owing to the magazine being narrower than a Glock 17, but the gun was designed to be sold in all states. Many shooters believe that the search or a pistol suitable for self defense begins and ends with 45 ACP and the SR45 may just be the answer.

Model: SR45
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 8.00"
Overall Height: 5.75"
Overall Width: 1.27"
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 10 + 1
Weight: 30.15 oz.