Springfield XDM 45 Review

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Springfield XDM 45

The Springfield XDM 45 is a striker fired semi-automatic 45 ACP pistol housing a 4.5" stainless steel barrel - precision cut, machined, and air gauged. The barrel is custom fitted to a fully supported ramp and housed inside forged and machined stainless steel slide furnished with a diamond hard Melonite finish. The rounds are brought before the barrel with an equally well forged/machined trigger - that along with the barrel, grants the XDM match grade tolerance levels and as a result high level of accuracy, making it a popular choice for a competition firearm.

The XD series propriety trigger system has been upgraded and deployed in the XDM and offers one of the shortest travel range and reset time in its size category. When pulled, the DOA (Double Action Only) trigger breaks crisply at 6 lbs., releasing the cock-striker on the chambered round. The resultant recoil re-cocks the striker (with help from the dual captive recoil spring assembly) readying the XDM for battery.

With the first grip, the Model Contour Frame and the Mega-Lock Texture design take over allowing for a natural grip making the firearm feel like an extension of your arm and offering a greater point-and-shoot experience.

The following "M" factors are involved here: The Minimal Reset Trigger that is responsible for significantly reducing the trigger travel and allowing the striker to ignite the round through the Match Grade Barrel. The required breaking point is in between 5-7 lbs. of trigger pressure, resulting in the slides to bush back and feed rounds from Mega Capacity Magazine and a short reload time thanks to the Maximum Reach Mag Release, while the customizable Mould-Tru Backstraps dumb down the recoil.

Furthermore, the Minimal Error Disassembly features allow for fast and safe field stripping since the the trigger has no part to play in it.

The most noticeable ergonomic feature on the XDM 45 is the grip pattern. Designed for firm grip, it also plays a significant role in numbing the recoil. This is further boosted by interchangeable back straps that let the shooter find the right grip for their hands.

The Melonite finished Major Grasp Slide Serrations have been modified to allow for a firm grip and quick cocking of the striker, while the low profile, snag free, dovetailed 3-dot sight system allows for quick target acquisition and re-acquisition after the first shot is fired.

The XDM 45 brings back all the Springfield safety features including the loaded chamber indicator, striker status indicator, both of which can be easily verified under low light conditions. Furthermore, the USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) trigger system that guards against accidental discharge and the hand grip safety lever are in place.

Additionally, field-stripping the XDM will not require pulling the trigger - making it safer than the XD series.

Model: XDM 45 4.5"
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 7.70"
Overall Height: 5.75"
Overall Width: 1.26"
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 13 + 1
Weight: 31.00 oz.