Springfield XDS 45 Review

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Springfield XDS 45

Evolving for over a century, the Springfield XDS 3.3" is a firearm that not only achieves a benchmark in size reduction but also brings shooters a 45 ACP semi-automatic that offers great accuracy while handling a high-end explosive defensive round.

Following in the Springfield's XD lineup, the XDS 45 is a locked breach striker fired semi-auto operating on short recoil, treated to a diamond hard Melonite finish.

The feed-fire-eject mechanism comprise of a 3.3" cold hammer forged Melonite finished stainless steel barrel with a fully supported ramp, a match-grade trigger system, and a dual captive recoil spring and plunger. The assembly is housed inside a precision forged stainless steel slide resting atop a reinforced polymer frame. When loaded, the slide runs along a set of heat treated slide rails to feed a round from the 6 round steel magazine.

The XDS's recoil assembly coupled with its fine balance and modest weight of only 21 oz. significantly reduces the felt recoil. The use of polymer frame reinforced with molded steel inserts has been retained. This allows the pistol to remain extremely light weight while still capable of enduring lengthy rapid fire sessions.

The XDS's DAO trigger features a short travel coupled with an even shorter trigger reset, and breaks clean in between 5-7 lbs. with a crisp. This significantly reduces the time required for follow-up shots while granting shooters unprecedented control, accuracy, and quick re-acquisition of the target, during continuous battery for a 45 ACP pistol with a 3.3" barrel.

The Springfield XDS 45 features a slim contour frame with an ideal grip angle. The slide has the Springfield trademark Sure Grasp slide serrations that is not only functional, but makes the XDS look more attractive. The slide is dotted with a snag free 3-dot sight system with a fiber-optic front sight.

At the front, the XDS is equipped with a single-position Picatinny rail that readily accepts lights, lasers or other pistol accessories. This makes XDS one of the only polymer pistols in its size range with this feature.

As you grip the XDS, its accentuated "all terrain" Secure Grip Texture is impossible to miss. Enhanced from the earlier XDM versions, the texture allows for a firmer grip given the small size of the firearm.

The next thing that comes up is the slim and comfortable profile making the firearm a natural extension of the shooter's arm. Furthermore, Springfield has worked on its enhanced point-and-shoot features that allow accurate shooting without having to adjust one's wrist - making it easier to see the snag free optic sights along the slide.

The snag free design of the sights, the Picatinny rail, and the trigger guard housing make it easier to swiftly bring the firearm at a moment's notice.

Though the XDS has a shorter barrel length and the overall weight, it leaves none of the safety features from the Springfield XD line.

The XDS 45 is equipped with the USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) action trigger system that prevents accidental discharge by requiring the trigger to complete its travel. The loaded chamber indicator, and the traditional grip safety is in place as well.

Combined, all of these design features come together to create a superior slim pistol. Though you can find slim designs in other guns, the XDS provides the power of a 45 ACP in a comparatively small package.

Model: XDS 45 3.3"
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 6.30"
Overall Height: 4.40"
Overall Width: 0.90"
Barrel Length: 3.30"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 5 + 1
Weight: 21.50 oz.