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Glock 30

Easy to sight, light trigger pull, and lighter recoil, the Glock G30 is a subcompact handgun offering shooters ease of use, durability, and the trademark Glock dependability, along with top value for the money. Packaging the Glock's pioneering innovations in "plastic gun" polymer technology, the G30 is the sure choice for a CCW for civilians and backup gun for law enforcement agencies world over.

The Glock 30 subcompact is a locked breach semi-automatic relying on short recoil operation. Overall, the G30 has a relatively low slide profile which brings its 3.77" polygonal riffled barrel close to the shooters hand. The barrel riffling is octagonal instead of the normal hexagonal allowing for better gas build up and greater muzzle velocities.

This, when coupled with the low bore axis allows comfortable firing by reducing muzzle rise, and hence faster aim recovery. The dual recoil spring system, a substantially smoother slide, and wider grip, allows G30 users faster aim recovery.

The cold hammered steel slide, machined from a lone block of ordnance-grade steel, houses a propriety feed-and-ejection mechanism featuring a spring-loaded claw extractor and a stamped sheet metal ejector. Add to this the Glock tradition of taking the slide and the barrel through two hardening processes prior to treating them to a wear and corrosion resistant nitriding bath. The result is a subcompact that offers rapid fires for extended battery sessions in all conditions (the Tenifer finish allows it to endure the effects of perspiration, making it suitable as a CCW).

When charged, the G30 is always in a half-cock position thanks to the pre-set trigger mechanism. Known as Glock's "Safe Action" trigger, it utilizes a spring loaded firing pin that is cocked in two stages demanding a pull of 5.5 lbs. to break clean and ensures semi-auto firing only.

Glock is the first manufacturer to introduce ferritic nitrocarburizing as an anti-corrosion treatment for metal gun parts, and the pioneer of plastic frame firearms, giving many government officials sleepless nights for creating a firearm that is invisible to metal detectors.

Most of the G30's components, including its frame, magazine body, and other internal components are molded from a nylon-based polymer patented by Glock. The plastic is more resilient than carbon steel and other alloys and offers increased durability for the weapon. The frame is injection molded and has been reinforced with four hardened steel guide rails for the slide.

The Glock 30 is a highly functional firearm. The grip is slightly angled allowing for a natural point-and-shoot design that avoids wrist twisting. It has a stippled, non-slip surface on both the rear and front straps. The trigger guard features a checkered and squared-off front for dual hand use while the slide has deep serrations.

The Glock 30 offers a "Safe Action" Pistol design that simultaneously disengages the trigger, the firing pin, and the pin lug. This prevents the pistol from firing unless the trigger is completely pulled back. It also prevents any accidental fires if the gun were to fall from a height. Furthermore, all Glocks manufactured after 2002 feature a loaded chamber indicator for visual and physical verification of a loaded round.

Model: G30
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 6.96"
Overall Height: 4.80"
Overall Width: 1.27"
Barrel Length: 3.77"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 10 + 1
Weight: 26.48 oz.