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Glock 45 Handguns

Glock 30

Glock 30 Review

The Glock 30 has a relatively low slide profile which brings its 3.77" polygonal riffled barrel close to the shooters hand. The G30 features octagonal barrel riffling instead of the normal hexagonal allowing for better gas build up and greater muzzle velocities.

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Glock 36

Glock 36 Review

The Glock 36 is an excellent alternative to the G30, offering a slim-line, single stack, and lighter firearm. The G36 still maintains the same ease of sighting, short and light trigger pulls, lighter recoils, and rapid fires that are offered by the G30.

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Glock 41

Glock 41 Review

At last, Glock has offered fans a long slide 45 that features a 5.31" cold hammer forged match-grade barrel that is perfect for competition shooters. The Glock 41 can best be compared to the earlier Glock 21. This means you can imagine a G21 with a longer 8.90" slide.

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