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Glock 36

The Glock 36 is an excellent alternative to the G30, offering a slim-line, single stack, and lighter firearm. The G36 still maintains the same ease of sighting, short and light trigger pulls, lighter recoils, and rapid fires that are offered by the G30; and therefore the Glock trademark ease of use, dependability and value for your money.

At only 1.10 inches wide and weighing 27 oz. loaded, the Glock 36 is slimmer compared to the G30 by 5 mm and 7 oz. lighter. This offers shooters a slimmer and lighter alternative to the G30 for their CCW needs, but at the cost of packing less ammo. With its single stack design, the G36 allows six rounds per reload and hence prevents shooters from interchanging magazines from its "thicker-grip" relatives.

In short, the Glock 36 is a "slimline" version of the subcompact Glock 30 and offers shooters an ultra-compact slide and frame that still lets them chamber and rapid-fire a 45 ACP cartridge.

Apart from a slimmer design, the G36 offers the same robust subcompact design from the G30. The G36 is also a short-recoil operated locked breach semi-automatic pistol with a relatively low slide profile that brings the barrel axis close to the shooter's hands and prevents the muzzle rise from impeding the accuracy of the follow up shots.

The barrel features octagonal rifling that significantly reduces gas escape and hence offers high muzzle velocities. The recoil operation relies on dual captive springs and absorb most of the shock - and as a result, gives the shooter's hand a slight "handshake-nudge" at every fire. The comfortable placement of the bore axis also allows for rapid aim recovery and hence extended rapid fire sessions.

The G36's steel slide, though slimmer, is made from the same cold hammered steel and machined from a single block of ordnance-grade steel. The slide houses the Glock's "Safe Action" pre-set trigger mechanism that half-cocks the striker and loads it in two stages just like its G30 counterpart.

The trigger breaks at 5.5 lbs. with a crisp and launches the round through spring, loaded claw extractor and the stamped steel metal ejector, Glock's patented feed-and-ejection mechanism, like clockwork.

Similar to the G30, most of the internal components of the G36, along with the frame and the magazine body have been injection molded from Glock's pioneering polymer technology. Add to this Glock's tradition of taking the slide and the barrel through two hardening processes prior to treating them to its Tenifer finish, the G36 offers the same durability fans have come to expect from the G30.

The G36 walks the same aisle with G30 in terms of being a highly functional firearm. The angled grips are stippled both on front and the back and allow a natural point-and-shoot stance to the shooter. The design coupled with the sights allows for fast target acquisition and rapid follow up shots.

The G36 comes equipped with the Glock "Safe Action" Pistol design that simultaneously disengages the trigger, the firing pin, and the pin lug - hence preventing accidental misfires even when the gun drops from a height.

Model: G36
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 6.96"
Overall Height: 4.76"
Overall Width: 1.10"
Barrel Length: 3.77"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 22.42 oz.