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Glock 41

At last, Glock has offered fans a long slide 45 that features a 5.31" cold hammer forged match-grade barrel that is perfect for competition shooters.

The Glock 41 can best be compared to the earlier Glock 21. This means you can imagine a G21 with a longer 8.90" slide.

The pistol features an octagonal riffled barrel housed inside an equally elongated cold hammer forged steel slide. The barrel and the slide, in the typical Glock tradition, has been treated through heat multiple times before being coated with a nitrite Tenifer finish. The long barrel length coupled with Glock's unique octagonal riffling method significantly increases the accuracy of shots over longer ranges while packing in more gas behind every chambered round. This means greater muzzle velocities and significantly reduced possibility of error.

Made only in "Gen4" variety, the Glock 41 has a slightly smaller basic grip size while the standard trigger housing pin has been replaced with the longer cross pin needed to mount exchangeable back-straps that increases the trigger distance. A modified trigger mechanism housing allows the Glock's "Safe Action" pre-set trigger mechanism to fit into this smaller grip space.

Mechanically, the G41 features a resized barrel and slide shelf and an internally enlarged and widened polymer frame to successfully house the dual recoil spring assembly.

With its dual recoil spring allowing locked breach short recoil operations and the G41's substantial slide and smaller yet wider grip, the recoil energy is seamlessly redistributed and transferred as a small "nudge" to the shooter's hand.

The Glocks have a well-deserved reputation for very manageable recoil in small 45 ACP pistols like the G30 and G36 and the larger G41 offers a better recoil experience.

Furthermore, G41's ergonomic design allows a natural point-and-shoot design. The grip not only has a natural pointing angle, it is stippled and offers a firm grip for the shooter. The polymer design and low bore axis, and the recoil system allows for faster follow up shots.

The Glock 41 features all the safeties present in its predecessors.

It is traditional for Glock to integrate its "Safe Action" trigger system into its pistols. These "Safe Action" pistols come equipped with three independent safeties that remain in effect unless the trigger is completely depressed - and hence prevent accidental discharge. The safeties comprise of the automatic drop and firing pin safety, and an external trigger lever.

Model: G41
Action: DAO
Caliber: 45 ACP
Overall Length: 8.90"
Overall Height: 5.47"
Overall Width: 1.28"
Barrel Length: 5.31"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 13 + 1
Weight: 27.00 oz.